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Hi, sorry its been so long since anything has been posted here! That’s all about to change. I’ll momentarily be posting the three most recent issues of the print edition of AT and each forthcoming issue will be posted on here the day of its printing. Also, starting next week I’ll be posting our weekly playlists on here, so if you hear something on the radio show, but miss the title you can find it here! Hopefully even more content in addition to all that will start to materialize as well. Time will tell. For now, keep reading, and keep tuning in every Tuesday, 2-3PM, on CHMA 106.9FM!



Last week, we had the chance to sit down with Omhouse before their show at Thunder & Lightning alongside Gala and Kurt Inder. They discussed their creative processes inside and outside the studio, the origin story of the band and what’s ahead for the band. Take a listen below.


PLAYLIST 09.14.15

Today, we featured music from the latest releases of Kurt Inder, Bleu, Mauno and Destroyer. We were also fortunate enough to speak with Omhouse when they stopped in town last week for their show at Thunder & Lightning Ltd. Catch their interview here.

1) “Mooneye” – Omhouse

2) “Gutterbird” – Omhouse

3) “Love” – Kurt Inder

4) “I’m Calling You” – Kurt Inder

5) “Baby’s First Day of School” – Kurt Inder

6) “Delusional” – Bleu

7) “Stars” – Bleu

8) “Reeling” – Mauno

9) “Nothing” – Mauno

10) “Champs” – Mauno

11) “Dream Lover” – Destroyer

12) “Girl in a Sling” – Destroyer

13) “Times Square” – Destroyer











Attic Transmissions Weekly Newsletter – WE’RE BACK (AGAIN)

Starting in September 2015, we decided to begin our print of the weekly CHMA 106.9FM campus and community radio newsletter. You’ll be able to find a new edition at your local cafes, restaurants and campus hangouts to find out the weekly music charts, local concerts and events and interviews with your favourite artists.

Check out the premiere issue of the new Attic Transmissions below!

September 14th – Attic Transmissions