Conduct Becoming’s Connor Wheaton Discusses The Event and Performs Song

If you listened to Boardwalk on Monday you would have heard our interview with Janan Assaly regarding her involvement with Conduct Becoming and their upcoming release concert. On today’s Boardwalk Scott Brown and Kathryn Stevenson spoke with Conduct Becoming performer… Continue Reading

Sheila Watt-Cloutier launches memoir on lifetime of activism and advocacy for the Arctic

Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the Inuit activist who credited with launching the first international legal challenge against climate change and dedicated her life to advocating for the ecological interests of Northern peoples , returned to Sackville yesterday to launch her memoir, The… Continue Reading

Dorchester Mayor JJ Bear on potential closure of Dorchester Consolidated School

We spoke with JJ Bear, Mayor of Dorchester, on the morning after the first public session in the Anglophone East School District’s sustainability study, which could lead to the closure of the school later this year. The District made a… Continue Reading

Wade Settle: closing Dorchester Consolidated School would weaken extracurriculars, parent volunteership

Wade Settle says that if the District Education Council decides to close Dorchester Consolidated School, Dorchester students will lose access to the school breakfast program. Dorchester resident, parent, and long-term volunteer with Dorchester Consolidated School’s breakfast program, Settle is a… Continue Reading

District Education Council Chair Tamara Nichol on potential closure of Dorchester Consolidated School

On February 17, 2015, the Anglophone East School District’s District Education Council voted to conduct a sustainability study on Dorchester Consolidated School. Late last week, the District announced a timeline for determining whether to close the school or keep it… Continue Reading